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The profile of Dar Al Salam Pakistan will remain incomplete without describing its founder & first Chief Executive Officer, (Late) Mr. Abdul Rasheed. He possessed an experience which was multifarious and spanned well over 4 decades. Be it is as an Army Contractor, covering Garrisons from Peshawar to Quetta and from Rawalpindi to Lahore, or be it a Proprietor of a trendy provisions store of early 70s in newly born city of Islamabad, Allah blessed him with success and fame in every business venture he stepped into.


This blessing was further consolidated when in mid 70s; he got himself committed in an NGO named Idara e Khidmat e Aazmeen e Hajj Pakistan to direct his knowledge and experience of Hajj and Umrah in the amelioration of then intending pilgrims. Here too, his dedication to the cause earned repute and respect as ever. He was the main driving force behind the formulation of commercial outfit of the NGO he formed earlier, to work for a Hajj operation which is easy and trouble-free for the pilgrims who may want to dedicate their time purely in their worship rituals rather than spending it in worldly issues of food and shelter. With a sheer hard work and commitment to service, this service proved to be a great success and was literally regarded as a trend setter in the field of Hajj and Umrah services.  In this service, various travel packages were introduced to cater for the requirements of pilgrims coming from every walk of life. As much as up to 800 pilgrims have been reported as part of a the group per year ever since the formation of private operation of the company.


Growing business commitment called for the formulation of a service which could be regarded both as National and International. Dar Al Salam Pakistan was yet another brain child of Abdul Rasheed which is committed to serve the intending pilgrims both from within and outside Pakistan, once the Hajj Operations were partially privatized.  Since 2005 onwards, Dar Al Salam Pakistan becomes a synonym to a quality service catering to various segments of customers – from Defense Organizations to Multinational companies and from individuals traveling in Economy packages to High-end Executive packages – the numbers are counting. With a dynamic leadership and Blessing of Almighty Allah, Dar Al Salam Pakistan is bound to reap the enormous bounty which Allah has kept in serving the pilgrims of His home.

This ability to support all of our different customers’ needs is another of our strengths. Dar Al Salam Pakistan has and will continue to expand its business areas beyond its basic Hajj travel. We are committed to providing products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.


With a network of 4 offices across the country as well as a global tie-up that extends the company’s reach to 6 Umrah Travel Management Companies, Two Makatib from Moassissah South Asia for Hajj, 3 Transport companies and 10 Hotels to run the entire Hajj & Umrah Operation every year makes Dar Al Salam Pakistan a company committed to excellence. We have a professional management, a very competent staff (up to 30 personnel during Hajj), sophisticated communication systems, and an innovative approach to lead us through a very tedious task of managing Hajj & Umrah operations.


We invite you to share our vision and benefit from our expertise, professionalism, flexibility, personalized approach, strong presence within and outside Pakistan and comprehensive product portfolio.





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